My name is Rehab Saad. I was a travel writer in Al Ahram Weekly, an English language newspaper published in Cairo from 1991-2008. I quit journalism in 2008 and moved to the media relations field. After 4 years in media relations, I realized that my love for travel writing is still there. I decided to create this blog to compile most of my work in my 17 year work at Al Ahram Weekly and to promote travel and tourism in my country Egypt. In addition to old articles, I will provide you with new stories, news and tips about traveling in Egypt and the Middle East.


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  1. hui

    Hi Rehab Saad,

    My name is Hui Wen. I was an editor and am still in change of editing an book “The World History of Art” for the love of this book. Currently I am working on adding more pictures to make the book more readable.

    While I was searching for “Sahara Rock Art”, I saw your website and pictures (https://rehabsaadblog.wordpress.com/category/desert/). So I came here to ask if possible could I use one of your photos to illustrate corresponding content in that book?

    The information of that picture is “Rock-art paintings Photo: Mohamed El-Hebeishy”. I searched for this photographer and tried to contact him, but I could only see this picture on your website, so I was wondering could I get your permission and use it directly.

    This is the first time for me to handle copyright related problem, so I may be not experienced or qualified. Please forgive me if there are any inappropriate request.


    • Sorry for not replying earlier. As you said, the photo is by Mohamed El-Hebeishy and I took his permission before I published it. So, I think that you should take his permission too because it is his. I sent him a message and will let you know his response as soon as he gets back to me. Best and good luck, Rehab

      • hui

        Thank you so much for your prompt reply. And I really appreciate your help in contacting Mohamed El-Hebeishy. Hope everything is going well with you! Best, Hui

  2. You are most welcome!

  3. Dear Hui,
    I contacted Mohamed Hebeish and he has no problem you use his photo, but you have to give him credit on the photo. Best and good luck

  4. hui

    Dear Rehab,

    Thank you very much for your great help during this whole process! And thank Mohamed Hebeish for his kind permission.

    There will be a list of “photo credits” at the back of the book, something like:
    source: rehabsaadblog.wordpress.com; author: Mohamed El-Hebeishy.
    Hope this is OK for you.

    Thank you!


  5. This is great! Thanks!

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