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Montazah Palace and Gardens: when old meets new

Montazah in Alexandria, is distinguished from other tourist sites in Egypt in that it is a place where the past and present intermingle. For the history buff it is a pleasure to roam around the vast estate where, before the July 23 Revolution, the royal family had their summer quarters and where the palace and the Salamlek (annex) can be seen. For those in search of the beautiful beaches, Montazah has facilities for rest and recreation. It has, in addition, magnificent gardens with royal palms that date, most appropriately, from the royal era.


Palm trees in Montazah Gardens


Montazah beaches

The site, situated west of Alexandria, was developed over a century ago, in 1892, in the time of Khedive Abbas Helmi II, who built the Salamlek, which today faces the Palestine Hotel.  The summer residence of the royal family is situated on an elevated mound overlooking a beautiful bay and beach, and the vast garden covers an area of 370 feddans.


Montazah Palace, overlooking royal gardens


Salamlek, built by Khedive Helmi II

When king Fouad came to the throne he built a bridge to join the palace to the Island of Dreams, which sounds somewhat romantic but was, in fact, a fairy-tale site covering about 13 feddans and with exotic plants, Byzantine style status and aquaria adorning various parts of the undulating land. There is also a delightful “kiosk” where the king and his friends used to enjoy their afternoon tea.


Famous bridge of Montazah

Later still, when king Farouk acceded to the throne, he built the famous clock of Montazah; whenever the clock strikes, a soldier appears from each of its four sides.

After the July 23 Revolution, Montazah was opened to the public, and visitors were permitted to enter various parts including the island, the bridge, the kiosk and the gardens. The Salamlek and the palace are not open for visiting.

About two million visitors visit Montazah every year. It is open all the year round and operates 24 hours a day and caters for all visitors requirements. It has various shops, restaurants, coffee shops and bazaars to cater for the visitors.


Palestine Hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean

Not to be missed is the plant nursery and greenhouse: many tourist groups come to Montazah for the sole purpose of visiting them. The greenhouse has exotic plants that have thrived from the rule of King Fouad. It supplies all the plants needed in the gardens, and there is a surplus for sale.

Summer is here, the beaches are packed with holiday makers and Montazah is enjoying a bumper season. 

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Winter campaign launch at Sheraton Montazah

As part of its commitment to the society, Sheraton Montazah Hotel Alexandria launches every year a special campaign targeting unprivileged communities in the areas surrounding the hotel. This year, hotel associates donated a big number of brand new blankets to help the needy cope with the harsh winter in the Mediterranean city.

Sheraton Montazah associates preparing for the campaign launch.Photo: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

Sheraton Montazah associates preparing for the campaign launch.
Photo: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

The hotel’s public relations together with the community help team in the hotel worked on identifying the right beneficiaries to donate them the blankets, collecting donations and purchasing good quality blankets. This came amongst other community service plans that will take place during 2013 to provide aid to sick people, senior citizens and street children.

Facade of Sheraton Montazah HotelPhoto: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

Facade of Sheraton Montazah Hotel
Photo: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

A Presidential SuitePhoto: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

A Presidential Suite
Photo: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

A room at Sheraton Montazah Hotel.Photo: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

A room at Sheraton Montazah Hotel.
Photo: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

Sheraton Montazah Hotel is located in Alexandria, which is renowned for its magnificent beaches, archaeological and cultural attractions. The hotel is 15 km from Nozha airport and 220 km from Cairo. It overlooks King’s Farouk Palace and gardens on one side and the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean on the other. It features 289 rooms and suites. It provides six Presidential suites, 13 Junior and Hospitality suites.

Sheraton Montazah Hotel BeachPhoto: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

Sheraton Montazah Hotel Beach
Photo: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

The Pool at the hotelPhoto: Sheraton Montazah Hotel

For more information on Sheraton Montazah Hotel, visit

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